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A Risk-based Two-stage Stochastic Optimal Power Flow Considering the Impact of Multiple Operational Uncertainties


علمی-پژوهشی (وزارت علوم) (13 صفحه - از 30 تا 42)

This paper shows an application of a scenario-based method for risk constrained stochastic optimal powerflow (RC-SOPF) problem in electricity utilities. A two-stage stochastic programming framework is developedfor dealing with various uncertainties. Customers’ demand, wind power generation, and electricityprice are considered as the uncertain parameters in the proposed RC-SOPF problem. The aim is to minimizethe energy procurement costs, while preserving an acceptable risk level. The energy procurementcost consists of generators active power generation costs, cost of energy procurement from external network(e.g. pool market or upstream network) and operation maintenance cost of wind farms. To controlthe negative impacts of the uncertainties, variance and conditional value at risk (CVAR) are used as riskmeasures. The proposed model is implemented on the 39-bus New England test system. The obtained resultsshow that CVAR is suitable index for management of the risk associated with uncertain parametersin comparison with variance.

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