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Preventive Voltage Control Scheme Considering Demand Response, Correlated Wind and Load Uncertainties


علمی-پژوهشی (وزارت علوم) (10 صفحه - از 43 تا 52)

This paper presents a new scenario based method to prevent voltage instability under wind and loaduncertainties considering correlation among wind turbines and loads. The correlated load and wind scenariosare generated based on the correlation matrix as well as Normal and Rayleigh probability densityfunctions. Electrical distances are used to generate the correlation matrix among loads. Then, the preventivevoltage instability problem is formulated two-stage stochastic programming problem. Controlfacilities include rescheduled active and reactive power of generation units, load shedding and demandresponse. The considered control facilities are classified into two different categories based on the stageof decision making. These categories are named here-and-now and wait-and-see. Demand response, loadshedding and reactive power output of power plants are wait-and-see facilities, whereas active power ofpower plants is considered as here-and-now facility. The proposed method is tested on the standard IEEE118-bus test system. Comprehensive analyses are carried out demonstrating the impact of uncertaintiesand correlations, as realistic load and wind modeling, on the problem.

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