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Stochastic multi-objective model for optimal sizing of energy storage system in a microgrid under demandresponse program considering reliability: A weighted sum method and fuzzy satisfying approach


علمی-پژوهشی (وزارت علوم) (10 صفحه - از 61 تا 70)

In this paper, a multi-objective optimization model is proposed to calculate best possible size of energystorage system (ESS). The proposed model is solved utilizing weighted sum method. Positive effects ofdemand response program (DRP) are considered in the proposed paper. By utilizing the weighted summethod, many various solutions are obtained. Then to select the best possible solution, fuzzy satisfyingapproach is employed. The proposed multi-objective model includes two conflicting objective functions:1) the first objective function is minimization of microgrid investment cost as well as the operation cost;2) the second objective function is minimization of loss of load expectation (LOLE). Microgrid includessome local units inside itself which may have some unknown outages and also due to variable and unstableoutput of renewable units, utilization of ESS is essential to improve stability of microgrid. Thei mpact of DRP implementation is evaluated on microgrid related costs and the results are compared tovalidate the proposed technique. In order to simulate and model the proposed stochastic ESS optimalsizing problem in a microgrid, a mixed-integer program (MIP) is utilized.

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