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A Solution to the Unit Commitment Problem Applying a Hierarchical Combination Algorithm مقاله



Unit commitment problem (UCP) is an essential concept in electricity generation due to various economical and environmental concerns. This paper presents a hierarchical combination algorithm for solving the UCP which is able to minimize the simulation time as well as the operational cost. Furthermore, the binary decision variables, determining the state of unit (on/off), are produced in each hour considering the demand and spinning reserve requirements (SRRs). Minimum up and down time constraints are applied in order to reduce the solution space. Finally, the economic dispatch (ED) is carried out for the feasible commitments obtained in each interval respect to the power generation limitations. In addition, the Priority List (PL) and Exhaustive Enumeration (EE) methods are implemented during the load increases and decreases, respectively. The proposed method has been implemented and applied to the standard power systems and the obtained results verify the relevant acceptable computational time with the optimal cost compared to the other wellknown methods in the literature. © 2017 Journal of Energy Management and Technology

خلاصه ماشینی:

"1027 DEFINITION OF TERMS: ASCA Ant Colony Search Algorithm BCA Bee Colony Algorithm DP Dynamic Programming EE Exhaustive Enumeration GSA Gravitational Search Algorithm ICA Imperialistic Competition Algorithm LR Lagrangian Relaxation PL Priority List TLBO Teaching Learning Based Optimization CostN H total cost of N generators during H hours FCi (Pih ) Fuel cost of ith unit with output Pih at the hth hour STCi Startup cost of ith unit SDCi shutdown cost of ith unit PSO Particle Swarm Optimization SFLA Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm Uih On/off status of ith unit; Uih and on statuses respectively = 0 and Uih = 1 are for off UCP Unit Commitment Problem BF Bacterial Foraging DE Differential Evolution ED Economic Dispatch FFA Firefly Algorithm HSA Harmony Search Algorithm H Number of hours PDh load demand at the hth hour Pi(min) Minimum generation limit of the ith unit Pi(max) Maximum generation limit of the ith unit MUTi Minimum up-time of the ith unit MDTi Minimum down-time of the ith unit i Duration that the ith unit is continuously on i Duration that the ith unit is continuously off Cs − hrsi An additional duration to MDTi that the ith unit needs (Csc) to be committed again after it; Cold-start hours Csci Required cost to operate the ith unit after MDi plus Cs − hrsi ; Cold-start cost Hsci Required cost to operate the ith unit after MDi an ending the Cs − hrsi i; Hot-start cost Inc Initial condition 1."

کلیدواژه ها:

Dynamic programming ، Hierarchical combination ، Power generation scheduling ، Priority list ، Unit commitment

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