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A Model for determining Industry Clusters portfolio of the Natural Gas Value Chain based on Industrial Clusters Structure (ICS) analysis


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Following globalization and intensifying the competition in the business environment, most of businesses are looking for competitive advantages. One way to achieve this goal is to form industrial clusters. In this paper, an screening model is introduced for determining industry clusters portfolio of the natural gas value chain. The model uses Industrial Clusters Structures (ICS), and develops a sequential filters-based technique to select the portfolio. At first phase, all products of natural gas value chain and their industrial clusters are identified. Next, on the basis of forming criteria of industrial clusters, high potential products to form a cluster are recognized. Then, they are evaluated and filtered based on a techno-economy and environmental feasibility study. Finally, the candidate products to form industrial cluster of natural gas are specified. In accordance with the natural gas experts opinions, a Nominal Group Technique (NGT) has been conducted to demonstrate the validity of the model. Moreover, the application of the proposed model is implemented in a real case extracted from Iran petrochemical industry. We believe that using the proposed model helps the relevant analysts to make decisions in most productive manner. © 2017 Journal of Energy Management and Technology

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