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To Study the Effect of Combined Learning on Students' Educational Achievement inMathematics


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The main purpose of this research is "to study the effect of combined learning on students' educational achievement at girls' technical schools in Tehran". The research method in this study is semi-experimental or semi-empirical. The statistical universe of this study includes all girl students of Tehran technical schools. At the first stage, 6 technical schools were selected randomly and simply among all technical schools of the studied society and then 12 classes of the first year were chosen (2 test and control classes in mathematics per school). The sampling method of the schools was a simple random case in this study. Totally 240 students attended these classes. The applied tools in this research are writing fiches from pre-test and post-test scores of the students. In fact, the educational achievement has been used by two tests of pre-test and post-test for both test and control groups. The results of t- test in the dependent groups show that there is a significant difference regarding the computed significance level and obtained mean difference in the educational situation of the test group in the case of pre-test and post-test. Meanwhile, the study and comparison of the means in two situations of pre-test (17.1394) and post-test (18.2279) also confirm this issue

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