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Fully Fuzzy Transportation Problem


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Transportation problem is a linear programming which considers minimum cost for shipping a product from some origins to other destinations such as from factories to warehouse, or from a warehouse to supermarkets. To solve this problem simplex algorithmis utilized. In real projects costs and the value of supply and demands are fuzzy numbers and it is expected that optimal solutions for determining the value of commodities transported from a source to a destination be obtained as a fuzzy. So the first idea is to present the in the full fuzzy condition and then an algorithmwhich is of importance for solving such a problem. In this article, a new algorithm is suggested for solving fully fuzzy transportation problem. This algorithm transforms the fully fuzzy transportation problem into a triple-objective problem and then it utilizes a weighted method for solving multi-objective problems and solves the new problem using simplex transportation method. At the end, the suggested method is utilized for the real data.

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