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Analysis of users’ comments about the divorcefactors


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One of the most important issuesrelated to knowledge discovery is the field of comment mining. Opinion mining is a tool throughwhich the opinions of people who comment about a specific issue can be evaluated in order to achievesome interesting results. This is a subset of datamining. Opinion mining can be improved usingthe data mining algorithms. One of the important parts of opinion mining is the sentiment analysisin social networks. Today, the social networks contain billions of users’ comments about differentissues. In previous researches in this area, variousmethods have been used for Persian commentsanalysis. In these studies, preprocessing is one ofthe most important parts. It arranges the data setfor analysis in a standard form. The number ofhashtags selected for analysis is limited. To detectthe positive and negative comments, knowledgeextraction or neural network techniques have beenused. The current research presents a method ofanalysis which can analyze any hashtag for eachgroup of users and has no limitations in this regard.Type of hashtag, the number of likes, type of userand type of positive and negative sentences can beanalyzed by this method. The results of simulationand comparison of divorce data set show that theproposed method has an acceptable performance.

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