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Allocation efficiency in network DEA


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The present study is an attempt towards remodeling cost, revenue and profit relationship within the network process. The previous models of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) have been too general in their scope and focused on the input and the output within a black box system, therefore they have not been able to measure various phases simultaneously within a network system. By using these models internal linking activities are neglected. A slacks-based network DEA model is dealt with intermediate products (Tone,Tsutsui). In this development, each input and output can use situations where unit price and unit cost information are available. In this paper we introduce models of cost, revenue and profit efficiency in network DEA. These models are illustrated by numerical examples and finally results of Constant Returns to Scale (CRS) are obtained. The findings could be used in minimizing the costs and maximizing the benefits in various organizations, public services, factories, and public and private sector companies

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