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Another Method for Defuzzification Based on Regular Weighted ‌Point‌


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A new method for the defuzzi cation of fuzzy numbers is developed in this paper. It is well-known, defuzzi cation methods allow us to nd aggregative crisp numbers or crisp set for fuzzy numbers. But di erent fuzzy numbers are often converted into one crisp number. In this case the loss of essential information is possible. It may result in inadequate nal conclusions, for example, expert estimation problems, prediction problems, etc. Accordingly, the necessity to develop a method for the defuzzi cation of fuzzy numbers, allowing us to save their informative properties has arisen. The purpose of this paper is to develop such a method. The method allows us to and aggregative intervals for fuzzy numbers. These intervals are called the Regular weighted intervals. We start with the de nition of regular weighted points for fuzzy numbers. The regular weighted interval for fuzzy number is de ned as the set of regular weighted points of all unimodal numbers, that belong to this number. Some propositions and examples about regular weighted point and regular weighted intervals properties are o ered.

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