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A parametric study on the PD pulses activity within micro-cavities مقاله



A two-dimensional kinetic model has beenused to parametric investigation of the spark-type partial discharge pulses inside the micro-cavities. The model isbased on particle-in-cell methods with Monte Carlo Collisiontechniques for modeling of collisions. Secondaryprocesses like photo-emission and cathode-emission areconsidered. The micro-cavity may be sandwiched between two metallic conductors or two dielectrics. The dischargewithin the micro-cavity is studied in conjunction with theexternal circuit. The model is used to successfully simulate the evolution of the discharge and yield useful informationabout the build-up of space charge within the micro-cavityand the consequent modification of the applied electricfield. The phase-space scatter plots for electrons, positive,and negative ions are obtained in order to understand the manner in which discharge progresses over time. The risetimeand the magnitude of the discharge current pulse areobtained and are seen to be affected by micro-cavitydimensions, gas pressure within the micro-cavity, and thepermittivity of surrounding dielectrics. The results havebeen compared with existing experimental, theoretical, andcomputational results, wherever possible. An attempt hasbeen made to understand the nature of the variations interms of the physical processes involved.

کلیدواژه ها:

Partial discharges ، Submillimeter cavities ، PIC|MCC simulation ، Spark|type discharges

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