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Multi-dimensional instability of dust-ion-acoustic solitary structure with opposite polarity ions and non-thermal electrons مقاله



An attempt has been made to study the multidimensional instability of dust-ion-acoustic (DIA) solitary waves (SWs) in magnetized multi-ion plasmas containing opposite polarity ions, opposite polarity dusts and nonthermal electrons. First of all, we have derived Zakharov- Kuznetsov (ZK) equation to study the DIA SWs in this case using reductive perturbation method as well as its solution. Small-k perturbation technique was employed to find out the instability criterion and growth rate of such a wave which can give a guideline in understanding the space and laboratory plasmas, situated in the D-region of the Earth’s ionosphere, mesosphere, and solar photosphere, as well as the microelectronics plasma processing reactors.

کلیدواژه ها:

Multi ، Non|thermal electrons ، ions ، Plasma instability ، Perturbation

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