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Formal Method in Service Composition in Heath Care Systems


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One of areas with the greatest needs having available information at the right moment and with high accuracy is healthcare. The right information at right time saves lives. Healthcare is a vital domain which needs high processing power for high amounts of data. Due to the critical and the special characteristics of these systems, formal methods are used for specification, description, and verification. The goal of this research is to turn a business process graphical diagram into a formally based model. In this work, BPMN has been extended to add time and probability information and then has been transferred to probabilistic realtime CSP area. This mapping can be employed as a basic model for modeling different system characteristics. This mapping, then, is modeled using a case study in pervasive healthcare domain and verified in a model checking tool. Index Terms — Formal methods, CSP, BPMN, Pervasive healthcare, Model checking

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