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Geochemistry of heavy metals and sedimentation rate in a bay adjacent tothe Caspian Sea


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In the present investigation down core variations of heavy metals such as; Zn, Ni, Co, Mn, Fe and Al in asediment core from Bay of Gorgan adjacent to the Caspian Sea was studied. Inter-relationship amongst variousparameters was brought out through correlation coefficients and cluster analysis. The results of present studyreveals that Zn, Ni, Co and Mn possess both lithogenous and non-lithogenous sources. The increasing trend ofAl towards top of sediment core is indicative higher erosion in the recent years. Interestingly, concentration of all studied metals increases toward core top (except for Fe) that might be indicative of influence of man’s activitiesresiding in catchment area of Gorgan Bay and also oil exploration in the Caspian Sea. Further, 210Pb and 137Cstechniques were used to find out rate of sedimentation. The result of dating is indicative of sedimentation ratebetween 1.4 to 2.45 mm/yr. based on 210Pb and 137Cs activities respectively

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