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Identification and determination of PAHs compounds in AnzaliInternational Wetland


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The worst environmental pollutants in Anzali International Wetland are oily hydrocarbons especially aromaticand poly aromatic compounds (PAHs). The existence of oily compounds with approximate limit ofconcentration of 0.1 μg/l in aquatic environment bans the growth of fish larva and causes the generic statemanner of animals. Anzali International Wetland, which is situated in the west – southern part of Caspian Seawhere has environmental importance in life of living organisms and ecosystems. In this reseach, four sites,Pirbazar, Pasikhan, west and central parts, where are situated in Anzali International Wetland, have been studiedin 2002. Waste sedimentation soil Sampling was performed during winter and spring in the above-mentionedregions. In the first stage, the purpose of sampling was to access optimum instrumental conditions and correct and precise procedures. Oily pollutants were extracted from water and it was done by using CC14 solvent aftercleaning and concentrating. The extracted samples were identified with gas chromatographic method with usingpolyaromatic standard solutions. By the powerful GC/MS method; results of qualitative analysis wereconfirmed. Also by GC/MS using SIM mode quantitative analysis were performed. Quantitative study ofpolyaromatic compounds has also been done by luminescence spectrophotometry. Some compounds which wereidentified in the water samples were: olifinic, aromatic and poly – aromatic compounds such as: antracene,fluourine, xylene, methylbenzene, naphthalene and acenaphtylene. Finally, the degree of biodegradation of compounds such as pristan (C19H40) and phytan (C20H42) in water samples was integrated.

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