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Design of an environmental assessment model on the effect of vehicleemission in greater Tehran on air pollution with economic sensitivity


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Air pollution is the presence of pollutants in the atmosphere from anthropogenic or natural substances inquantities likely to harm human, plant or animal life; to damage human-made materials and structures; to bringabout changes in weather or climate; or to interfere with enjoyment of life or property. With regard to the qualityof air in most of the megacities of the world, vehicular air pollution plays an important role in deteriorating airquality. Air pollution in Tehran (Capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran) occurs in highly urbanized areas due tomobile anthropogenic sources which in-turn is hastened by unfavorable tohion sector is responsible for much ofurban air pollution and can result in high ambient concentrations that harm people, structures, and environment. This paper examines and estimates the tonnage, concentrations and impacts of air pollutants along with controlmeasures aimed at reducing the effect of pollutants released by transportation navigation, in Tehran.

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