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Renewable energy in Iran:Challenges and opportunities for sustainable development


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Around the globe, developing countries have reported different cases of successfully implemented Renewable Energy (RE) program supported by bilateral or multilateral funding. In developing countries subsidyhas played a big role in RE program marketing and whether this will lead to sustainable development is yet to bedetermined. The adoption of implementation strategies that will support sustainable development andovercoming barriers that hinder expansion of Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs) still remains as a bigchallenge to stakeholders involved in promotion of RE resources in developing countries. In this respect,developing countries need to re-examine their environmental policy for promotion of RETs in order to define itsrole in revitalization of their economies. This paper reviews the policy incentives for promotion of RETs in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Setting-up international collaborative business ventures between local industry in Iranand RE companies in developed countries is proposed as an implementation strategy that will appropriatediffusion of RETs in the country. An organizational framework that may help to attain this objective is discussedand a structural model for RE business partnership is presented. It is concluded that with appropriate policyformulations and strategies, RETs can bring about the required socio-economic development in Iran.

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