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Assessment of ozone effects on five varieties of tobacco viafumigation method



To assess the susceptibility of five varieties of tobacco to ozone, nine rounds of fumigation experiments wereperformed. These tobacco varieties were exposed to a range of ozone concentrations in a single-pass chamberfumigation system for short periods. A dose of 7.5 pphm did not produce visible injury in any tobacco variety.Tobacco cultivars; Bel-B, Weather Fleck and ZZ100 exhibited no visible injury up to 26 pphm. However, dosesin excess of 16 pphm caused visible injury in cultivars Bel-W3 and Dynes. Awareness of the susceptibility levelsof these cultivars to ozone assist biological monitoring process in field experiments. Biomonitoring is considered to be a valuable method for ozone assessment for situations where air pollution monitoring by instruments inremote locations is too expensive.

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Open ، Ozone ، Biological Monitoring ، fumigation ، chamber system

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