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Application of chlorine dioxide for secondary effluent polishing



There are still many difficulties for developing the projects of using treated effluents. In this study, theefficiency of chlorine deoxide in the process of preparing the effluent of Sahebgharanieh Plant of Tehran forreuse purposes has been determind. Major results are as follows: Total COD reductions resulted from effluenttreatment by ClO2 solutions having concentrations equal to 1/4, 1/2 and 1/1 of COD samples at one hour contacttime have been about 42%, 49% and 59% respectively. Total suspended solids were also reduced by treatmentwith ClO2 solutions having the certain concentrations mentioned, and the reductions were about 37% ,47% and 58% respectively. Besides total and fecal coliforms results indicated that ClO2 apllied was quite efficient ineffluent disinfection. The conclusion is that reasonable reductions would be expected in the amounts of remainedmajor pollutants and so reuse applications for some non-potable purposes may become possible. Theacidification of chlorite has been used for ClO2 generation as it is better suited to small treatment systems.

کلیدواژه ها:

Wastewater treatment ، chlorine dioxide ، chemical oxidation ، secondary effluent

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