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Investigation of ammonia removal from polluted waters byClinoptilolite zeolite


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Ammonia nitrogen compounds in the wastewaters and effluents have harmful effects on water resources.Ion exchange with zeolites is a separation process for ammonia removal from effluents. The objective of thisresearch was to study the efficiency of an ammonia removal and the factor affecting to this process. TheClinoptilolite was obtained from Semnan mines at the north part of Iran. The samples were grounded and sievedbased on the U.S. standard mesh number 20, 30, 40 and conditioned by ammonia sulfate and sodium chloridesolutions. The characteristics of samples for ammonia removal and the selectivity sequence for adsorbinginterfering cations were then determined. Results shown that the average ion exchange capacity of zeolite inbatch and continuous systems were 6.65-16 and 16.31-19.5 mg NH4+ /g zeolite weight, respectively. In study onthe zeolite for selective cations showed the ranking of K+, NH4+, Na+, Ca2+ and Mg2+ respectively. Resultsindicated that high level of regeneration (95-98%) might be achieved with NaCl solution. Based on the results,Clinoptilolite may be effective applied in wastewater treatment, both from technical and economical aspects.

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