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Robot Path Planning Using Cellular Automata and Genetic Algorithm


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In path planning Problems, a complete description of robot geometry, environments and obstacle are presented; the main goal is routing, moving from source to destination, without dealing with obstacles. Also, the existing route should be optimal. The definition of optimality in routing is the same as minimizing the route, in other words, the best possible route to reach the destination. In most of the routing methods, the environment is known, although, in reality, environments are unpredictable; But with the help of simple methods and simple changes in the overall program, one can see a good view of the route and obstacles ahead. In this research, a method for solving robot routing problem using cellular automata and genetic algorithm is presented. In this method, the working space model and the objective function calculation are defined by cellular automata, and the generation of initial responses and acceptable responses is done using the genetic algorithm. During the experiments and the comparison we made, we found that the proposed algorithm yielded a path of 28.48 if the lengths of the paths obtained in an environment similar to the other algorithm of 15 / 32, 29.5 and 29.49, which is more than the proposed method.

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