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Unplanned urbanization: Assessment through calculation ofenvironmental degradation index


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Urbanization is an inevitable phenomena for the country like Bangladesh. The push and pull factors help to migrate people from rural area to urban area. As a result haphazard and unplanned urbanization create environmental degradation. Survey data reveals that inadequate solid waste disposal services, lack of adequate public water supply, traffic congestion, water logging, air pollution, noise pollution, hill cutting are the main problems in the city area. Concentration of dust as well as SOx, NOx exceeded the allowable limit at the selected points. Groundwater level of Sylhet city has a considerable lowering over the last few decades. It has lowered from 3380 mm below ground in 1982 to 7880 mm below ground. Sylhet is located in highly seismic risk zone but most of the buildings and other structures in this area are constructed without considering earthquake risk. Environmental degradation index was calculated based on economical condition of the country.

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