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Correlations, partitioning and bioaccumulation of trace metals betweendifferent segments of Taylor Creek, southern Nigeria


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Correlations between trace metals in dissolved and particulate phases, B. bayad and sediments were investigated in five selected sites along Taylor Creek, which lies between longitude 006°17I to 006°21I E and latitude 05°01I to 05°05I N. The degree of correlation between the various metals was different in each of the investigated segments. Between segments, not many significant correlations were recognized. Only Ni and Cd, Mn and Cd, Mn and Ni, and Mn and Pb are correlated in the sediments and in the particulate phase, Fe and Cr, Pb and Cd, and Zn and Ni are correlated, which suggests that the sources are not common for both compartments. Partitioning coefficients (Kd) of trace metals between dissolved and particulate phases are generally low, which is typical for fresh water ecosystems and fairly stable over Taylor Creek all through the seasons. Furthermore, the bio-concentration factors (BCF) of B. bayad were low unlike those of other natural waters. Cluster analysis showed that metal accumulation in the particulate phase differed from those observed in sediments, which also confirms that the pollution of the Creek might be from different sources.

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