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Impact assessment due to rural electrification in hill tract ofBangladesh for sustainable development


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Environmental impact assessment (EIA) of any project is essential for understanding the sustainability of the project. For sustainable development of hill tracts, electricity is inseparable. Like other parts of Bangladesh hill tracts districts felt increasing demand of electricity. In this paper an attempt has been taken to present the existing environmental condition and analysis the future environmental condition after implementation of project. Electrification will extend the length of the active day. Electrification will improve security (people’s perception of safety and security) at the region. The elements of the project identified as components for analysis are chosen based on DOE’s guideline. The study showed that 87% people say that they feel safer at night since being electrified. Impacts are classified on the basis of EPA’s scaling and DOE, university’s teachers, NGOs expert’s opinions. Value more than 10 is classified significantly affected element of the project. In this paper advantages and disadvantages of the Electrification Project has been presented.

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