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Effect of tween 80 added to the soil on the degradation of endosulfanby Pseudomonas aeruginosa


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Endosulfan, a chlorinated cyclodiene insecticide is of environmental concern because of its apparent persistence and toxicity to many non target organisms. Endosulfan is hydrophobic and persists in soil for more than a year. To overcome the problem of hydrophobic and limited availability, surfactants play a major role in soil remediation. In the present study, the effect of Tween 80 added to the soil on the degradation of endosulfan by Pseudomonas aeruginosa at different pH (7.0 and 8.5) was studied. The addition of synthetic surfactant Tween 80 enhanced the solubility and degradation of endosulfan. A significant degradation (94%) was observed in pH 8.5 and Tween 80 added soil; the bacterial population in the treatment unit T8 was 75 x 109 CFU/g of soil. The unit T4 inoculated at pH 8.5 showed 86 % alpha and 60 % beta endosulfan degradation, the bacterial population was 73 x 108 CFU / g of soil. The degradation of both the isomers were observed and accompanied with formation of endodiol and endosulfan sulfate.

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