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Influence of parent material on the contents and distribution of Band Zn in upland soils of Bauchi State, Nigeria


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A study was conducted to determine the influence of parent material on the contents and distribution of boron and zinc in soils of Bauchi State, Nigeria. Fourty nine, 30, and 20 top 0-30cm soil samples developed from basement complex rock, Kerri-Kerri Formation and Chad Formation, respectively, were collected and analysed using standard laboratory procedures. Results obtained indicate that parent material influenced Zn but not B contents in the soils. Generally, both B and Zn varied widely (CV>30%) between locations in the State, irrespective of the parent material. Organic carbon significantly (P<0.01) and negatively correlated with Zn in soils from BCR (r = -0.410) and CF (r = -0.563) and positively with B in soils developed from KKF (r = 0.471) and CF (r = 0.345). With means of 0.41 and 1.46 mgkg-1 for B and Zn respectively, their contents are considered adequate for crop growth. Crops grown on soils in some localized areas identified with values below the critical limits for these micronutrients may, however, benefit from their application.

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