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Assessment of Cd concentration of crude oil polluted arable soils


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Assessment ،Pollution ،Cadmium ،oil spillage

Thirty soil samples were analyzed for their properties and cadmium concentration in polluted and unpolluted sites of Isikwuato, Abia State, Nigeria. Polluted soils were more acidic (pH = 4.38) than unpolluted ones (pH = 5.22). Bulk density increased in polluted soils (1.51 g/cm3). Higher average value of organic matter was recorded in polluted soils (mean value = 1.42 %) unlike 0.98 % found in unpolluted soils. Cadmium concentration was higher in polluted soils (0.76 mg/kg) contrasting with 0.02 mg/kg obtained in their unpolluted counterparts. Good relationship existed between exchangeable acidity and cadmium status in polluted soils (R = 0.83, R2 = 0.77, N = 30) as opposed to values in unpolluted soils (R = 0.58, R2 = 0.49, N = 30).

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