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Green supply chain management in the electronic industry


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Green supply chain management has emerged as a proactive approach for improving environmental performance of processes and products in accordance with the requirements of environmental regulations. Various approaches for implementing green supply chain management practices has been proposed and recognized in previous literatures, yet no investigation has identified the reliability and validity of such approaches particularly in electronic industry. This study examines the consistency approaches by factor analysis that determines the adoption and implementation of green supply chain management in Taiwanese electronic industry. The fuzzy analytic hierarchy process method is applied to prioritize the relative importance of four dimensions and twenty approaches among nine enterprises in electronic industry. The findings indicate that these enterprises would emphasize on supplier management performance in the crucial role of implementing green supply chain management. Establishing an environmental database of products, asking for product testing report and top management support are among the most important approaches. The results for the implications of green supply chain management implementation in electronic industry investigated in this work generate a generic hierarchy model for decision-makers who can prioritize those approaches for implementing green supply chain management in Taiwan.

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