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Pb and Co removal from paint industries effluent using wood ash مقاله



The release of heavy metals into the environment is a worldwide major concern. Different studies have demonstrated that natural agents have a high removal capacity for divalent heavy metal ions. Wood ash is a natural adsorbent and, in comparison with others, has a very low price. In this study, the removal of heavy metals (Pb and Co) from Binalood paint industry (Kerman, Iran) effluent was investigated in batch condition. Pb and Co measurement in samples were done with atomic absorption equipment and test methods were adapted from standard methods for the examination of water and wastewater. The effect of pH and the amount of adsorbent was determined and different adsorption isotherms were also obtained. This study shows that the adsorption process follows the adsorption Langmuir isotherm. The amount of wood ash has a great role in the adsorption rate and adsorption rate increased as wood ash increased. In the study, the reactions reached equilibrium in 3 h contact time. The maximum Pb removal efficiency was 96.1% at pH 2 with a contact time of 3 h and 100 g/L wood ash and the maximum Co removal efficiency was 99 % at pH 2 with a contact time of 3 h and 100 g/L wood ash. According to the results, wood ash is recommended as a low cost and available adsorbent to remove Pb and Co from municipal and industrial wastewaters.

کلیدواژه ها:

Heavy Metal ، Adsorption ، Wastewater ، Langmuir isotherm ، contact time

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