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Hexamine adsorption study on activated carbon from aqueoussolutions for application in treatment of hexamine industrialwastewater


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kinetic ،Amine ،Carbon powder ،Adsorptionisotherms

The adsorption of hexamine onto powdered activated carbon from aqueous solutions was studied in a fixed bed system. Langmuir, Freundlich, Redlich–Peterson and Toth isotherm models were used to fit the experimental data and isotherm parameters were determined. The results revealed that the adsorption isotherm models fitted the data in the order of Langmuir[Toth[Redlich–Peterson[ Freundlich. Lagergren pseudo-first order kinetic model was found to correlate well with the experimental data. The effects of solution pH, temperature, initial hexamine concentration and added salts concentration on the adsorption capacity and the rate of adsorption were studied. The results indicate that the rate of adsorption increases and then decreases as temperature of the hexamine solution increases, however, the adsorption capacity decreases. The addition of low concentration of salt significantly increases the adsorption capacity of activated carbon. The results showed that the activated carbon has potential for the adsorption of hexamine from industrial hexamine wastewater.

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