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A Study About the Possibility of Eearly Planting of Late-Maturing Ricecultivars in Lordegan Using Plastic Covered Nursery


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In order to investigate the possibility of planting six late maturity rice cultivars from northern Iran using early plastic covered nursery (for increasing the length of growing season), a study was conducted as randomized complete blocks design with three replications during 2012-2013.Experiments were carried out in the Lordegan county of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province. After disinfection and germination,seeds were planted separately in seedling trays and transported under the plastic cover after emerging. Transplanting was done one month before usual time of area at four to five leaves stage. Two-year variance analysis showed that Domsiah and Sahel cultivars had the highest yield with a mean of 6436 and 6217 kg per hectare, respectively. Koohrang cultivar as control genotype with an average yield of 5736 kg/ha was ranked lower than Domsiah and Sahel cultivars and above the other cultivars. Overall, Considering the superiority of Domsiah and Sahel cultivar sand on condition of at least one month of cultivation, these cultivars seem appropriate.

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