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Evaluation of Collapsibility Potential in Soil Layers Based on Practical Methods (Case study: Hir City-Ardabil Province)


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Collapsible soils is one of the problematic soil because of complex mechanism collapse in them, the recognizing and analyzing effective parameters on phenomenon is so important. Collapsible soil is non- saturate soil, due to moisten and specifically loading, connection between soil particles become loose and finally suddenly destroying happen in soil layer. In this study, collapsible potential in soil layers of Hir city based on practical methods were evaluated. 16 specimens were collected in study area. Practical methods were divided to qualitative and quantitative criterions. In quantitative procedure, double odeometer test based on ASTM were performed. Results of this study showed that between qualitative methods there is not good agreement. Although, quantitative procedure proposed high risk in terms of collapsibility in soil layer.

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