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Application of Experimental Design to Optimize the Synthesis of CdO Cauliflower-like Nanostructure Using Mechanochemical Method مقاله

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Cauliflower-like nanostructure of cadmium oxide was synthesized by utilizing mechanochemical reaction followed calcination procedure for the first time. The design of experiment (DOE) by Taguchi method was used to study influence of the chosen factors and to consider optimum conditions of the experiments. The temperature of calcining, the duration of milling, the duration of calcining and reactants molar ratio (M/L) are four chosen factors for DOE. The value of band gap energy was calculated through UV-visible absorption spectroscopy and Tauc relation. Data analysis was performed using Minitab and Qualitek-4 statistical softwares. The optimum conditions for preparing cauliflower-like structure were predicted and also, influence of each factor was determined. The temperature and duration of calcining with the percentage contribution of 68.23 and 17.72%, respectively are the most effective factors at this design.

کلیدواژه ها:

Design of experiment ، Nanostructure ، Optimum conditions ، Mechanochemical reaction ، Cauliflower-like

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