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Voluntary Information Disclosure: A Tool for Organizational Leadership


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Financial information disclosure of the annual reports is considered as a key area for accounting research and many research is conducted on this issue both in the developed and developing countries. In this research, we examined the elements that affect the voluntary disclosure of the companies listed on Tehran Stock Exchange. For the purpose of this study five variables are examined: Age, Size, profitability, complexity of business, and assets in place. A multi variable model was examined for a 7-year period (2011-2017). Our results show that there is a significant association between profitability and complexity and the disclosure level. However, there is an insignificant relationship between firm size, asset in place and firm age, and the level of voluntary disclosure.

کلیدواژه ها:

profitability ،Firm Size ،Voluntary disclosure ،Firm Age ،annual reports

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