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Exact solution for the vibrations of cylindrical nanoshells considering surface energy effect مقاله



It has been revealed that the surface stress effect plays an important role in the mechanical behavior ofstructures (such as bending, buckling and vibration) when their dimensions are on the order ofnanometer. In addition, recent advances in nanotechnology have proposed several applications fornanoscale shells in different fields. Hence, in the present article, within the framework of surfaceelasticity theory, the free vibration behavior of simply-supported cylindrical nanoshells with theconsideration of the aforementioned effect is studied using an exact solution method. To this end, first,the governing equations of motion and boundary conditions are obtained by an energy-basedapproach. The surface stress influence is incorporated into the formulation according to the Gurtin-Murdoch theory. The nanoshell is modeled according to the first-order shear deformation shell theory.After that, the free vibration problem is solved through an exact solution approach. To this end, thedimensionless form of governing equations is derived and then solved under the simply-supportedboundary conditions using a Navier-type solution method. Selected numerical results are presentedabout the effects of surface stress and surface material properties on the natural frequencies ofnanoshells with different radii and lengths. The results show that the surface energies significantlyaffect the vibrational behavior of nanoshells with small magnitudes of thickness. Also, it is indicatedthat the natural frequency of the nanoshell is dependent of the surface material properties.

کلیدواژه ها:

natural frequency ، Surface effect ، Exact method ، nanoshell

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