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An Energy Based Adaptive Pushover Analysis for Nonlinear Static Procedures


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Nonlinear static procedure (NSP) is a common technique to predict seismic demands on various building structures by subjecting a monotonically increasing horizontal loading (pushover) to the structure. Therefore, the pushover analysis is an important part of each NSP. Accordingly, the current paper aims at investigating the efficiencyof various algorithms of lateral load patterns applied to the structure in NSPs. In recent years, fundamental advances have been made in the NSPs to enhance the response of NSPs toward nonlinear time history analysis (NTHA). Among the NSPs, the philosophy of “adaptive procedures” has been focused by many researchers. In the case of utilizing adaptive procedures, the use of incremental force vector considering the effects of higher modes of vibration and stiffness deteriorationsis possible and seems that it can lead to a good prediction of seismic response of structures. In this study, a new adaptive procedure called energy-based adaptive pushover analysis (EAPA) is implemented based on the work done by modal forces in each level of the structure during the analysis and is examined for steel moment resisting frames (SMRFs). EAPA is inspired by force-based adaptive pushover (FAP) and story shear-based adaptive pushover (SSAP). FAP has applied modal forces directly into load patterns; SSAP, on the other hand, has implemented the energy method in system`s capacity curve for measuring the equivalent movement. EAPA has enforced the concept of energy directly in load pattern; so that by using the modal forces-movements an energy-based adaptive algorithm is obtained. Hence, the effects of higher modes, deterioration in stiffness and strength, and characteristics of a specific site are incorporated and reflected in applied forces on the structure. Results obtained from the method proposed a desirable accordance with the extracted results from NTHA over the height of the structure.

کلیدواژه ها:

Seismic Response ،Adaptive Pushover ،EAPA Procedure ،SMRF Structures ،Stiffness Deterioration

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