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Performance-Based Plastic Design of Moment Frame-Steel Plate Shear Wall as a Dual System


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Steel Plate Shear Wall (SPSW) is an emerging seismic load-resistant system that, compared to other systems, enjoys the advantages of stable ductile behavior, fewer detailing requirements, rapid constructability, and economy. American seismic provisions decree that a SPSW should be designed as a moment frame with a web infill plate. Specifically, in case of buildings taller than 160 ft, it decrees that a dual system must be used. This paper presents a method of Performance-Based Plastic Design (PBPD) to design steel moment frame-SPSW as a dual lateral load-resisting system. PBPD method uses pre-selected target drift and yield mechanism as its main criteria. For a specified hazard level, the design base shear is calculated based on energy work balance method, employing pre-selected target drift. Plastic design of dual frame system has been performed to meet the pre-selected yield mechanism. As presented in the paper, design procedure involves solving a system of five equations with five variables to determine the proportion of SPSW and moment frame shear, shear wall thickness, and beam/ column sections. It has been considered that a four-story structure is designed with the proposed method. Seismic performance of this dual frame system, designed with the proposed method, is evaluated by nonlinear static and dynamic analysis for both Design Basis Earthquake (DBE) and Maximum Credible Earthquake (MCE). Result analysis is in accord with the assumptions, satisfying all the performance objectives. PBPD is a direct design method in which no iteration is needed to achieve the performance objectives. Determining the proportion of SPSW and moment frame shear is an exclusive capability of this procedure.

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Dual frame system ،Moment Frame ،PBPD method ،Portion of SPSW and Moment frame shear ،Steel Plate Shear Wall (SPSW) ،Target Drift ،Target Yield Mechanism

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