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Mycotoxins in Silages: Occurrence and Prevention

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Mycotoxins are an increasingly discussed topic. Several scientific reports have been written which review the effects of these toxic substances on the health and productivity of animals. However, there is a lack of work regarding the incidence of mycotoxins in ensiled material and the consequences of this occurrence. In this review, practical and field information was converged with scientific data with the objective of clarifying the subject. Nevertheless, due to the complexity of this topic, a straight line was adopted, starting with a brief explanation about mycotoxins followed by some practical prevention methods used on the field and during the ensiling process and, very importantly some analyses’ results made to silage from various origins and the impact of these contaminated materials in the animals ingesting them. An overview about how to avoid the negative impact of these poisonous substances is given as, for example, on the field (crop rotation, use of resistant plants, use of fertilizers, biological and chemical control of fungi and adequate plant maturation); in the silo (compaction, sheeting, storage length) and a correct management of the open silo (speed of progression in the silo, discard of deficiently preserved silage, additional use of silage additives for stopping the undesirable fermentations).

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Prevention ، Mycotoxins ، IMPACT ، occurrence ، Silage

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