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Optimized High Frequency Lumped Parameters Model ofInduction Motor Using Genetic Algorithm (GA)


علمی-پژوهشی (وزارت علوم)/ISC (8 صفحه - از 51 تا 58)

In this paper an optimized high frequency lumped model of Induction motor is presented. Model parameters are identified and optimized using Genetic Algorithm (GA). A novel model and approach inan improved high frequency based on GA for parameter identification are used. At first, parameters arelimited and then fitted using GA for best fitting. The proposed model considered accurate simulation ofboth differential and common mode behavior in the EMI-frequency range from 100 Hz to 30MHz. Modelparameters which extracted from GA are compared with experimental data in both magnitude and phaseat the same time and results show a good accordance between the experimental results and simulationresults of the proposed model. A least mean square (LMS) method was used with a GA optimizationmethod to solve the identification problem. The proposed model is suitable to obtain the simulationmodels to predict high frequency conducted Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), over voltage onterminated motor and common mode current in cable fed induction motor.

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