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Analytical Modeling and Lab-based Comparison of SeriesConnected Wound Rotor Induction Generator Performance withOrdinary Induction Generator at Standalone Operating Mode


علمی-پژوهشی (وزارت علوم)/ISC (10 صفحه - از 67 تا 76)

This paper proposes an analytical dynamic model for series connected wound rotor induction generator(SCWRIG) and investigates the experimental performance of SCWRIG and compares it with an ordinaryinduction generator (IG) at standalone operating mode. After introducing the structure of series connectedwound rotor induction generator and its different modes of performance, a suitable dynamic model isproposed for this machine. The results of experimental investigations indicate that series connectedinduction generator and ordinary induction generator have some similar behaviors. But, SCWRIG hashigher speed range without any need to gearbox and capability of operating at higher voltage levels. So itmay be proposed as a new suitable candidate for wind power generation at regions with high-speed wind.

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